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investment opportunities for private investors and venture capitalists

Red Ocean Ventures and Investments

We provide an above average return on investment to private investors by successfully navigating through red ocean markets utilizing experience, a superior network, resources, level of industry knowledge and proper due diligence.

Red Ocean Investments are paid in full, plus interest, within 42 months. In order to diversify an investment, invested funds are spread across 175+ active projects that are being managed and operated by Red Ocean Ventures or one of its subsidiaries.

Due Diligence

Investment opportunities for investors and venture capitalists

Industry Knowledge

Diversified company with holdings spread across 37 industry verticals

Superior Network

Successful business owners, executives, resources and services


high-yield start-up and early stage investments

We have a vested interest in seed projects and early stage ventures that can provide a consistent return on investment. Interested investors and entrepreneurs should use the form below to contact us.

Call: 310.930.7754

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Chemicals & Documents Data

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Documents & Electronic Data

Cost savings is crucial, innovative technology minimizes your overall spend by utilizing an extensive consolidation of…

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Red Ocean Ventures
and Investments

Seed funding projects are in the early stages of development and are still docked at bay waiting to set sail among the red oceans.

These investments are an easy entry into Red Ocean Ventures that will give an investor the opportunity to get to know our company and the employees that manage the operations and management of our projects at a lower cost of entry than most investments.

Early stage capital projects have set sail and started their journey through the red oceans gaining exposure and market share.

These projects are reserved for individuals that have previously invested within Red Ocean Ventures. Early stage projects provide a higher return on investment and are our way of giving back to investors that have chosen to reinvest in our company.

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